Eat Clean, Train Dirty, 100% Dedication!!!

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Sauna for up to 8 people

Health benefits of a sauna include:

  • Boasts your immune system
  • Increase performance
  • Maintain endurance
  • Treats hair and skin
  • Flushes toxins

Endless swimming pool system

A swimming pool with a built in power jet that you can swim against allowing you swim without needing to turn.

Mermaid Classes available upon request Underwater Hockey also available.

Altitude chamber training

Best of it’s class in Thailand – Train like an true Olympian

There are many benefits of using such a unique facility.

Many Olympic athletes prepare for competition at high altitudes or in one of these convenient modern facilities.

Fully equipped resistance room

Build up mass or tone up in our air conditioned room with an interactive media system for you to enjoy.

Cardio room with a view

  • Easy to use
  • Air conditioned
  • High quality
  • City views
  • Comfortable
  • Enjoyable

Training studios 1 & 2

  • TRX
  • Circuit training
  • Boxing bags
  • Dynamic Rollers
  • Air conditioned

Meet new people and encourage each other to reach your goals in a comfortable and healthy environment here in Bangkok.

Muay Thai Camp

A world champion will teach the perfect way to execute traditional techniques and moves in the art of Muay Thai. Your master will get you to achieve more complicated and faster moves, increasing power and coordination. You will notice your increased power and seed then you are ready to take on your master in a battle.



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